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Do-It-Yourself Moving Materials and Assistance

We also offer the option of Do-It-Yourself moving solutions. This type of Do-It-Yourself moving doesn’t involve the hassle of having to rent a truck and drive it to your new location. This can be stressful as you may be unfamiliar with operating the truck, and navigating the streets of your new neighborhood. With our Do-It-Yourself moving option, all you have to do is fill up the container we provide, and we’ll bring it to its destination. First Ship Moving offers UCan Store & Move as well as Flexible Move systems. Both systems are designed with the budget-conscious mover in mind.

Local Store and Move Program Image

UCan Storage & Move

This moving solution is ideal for moves under 700 miles. UCan Store & Move is a container program that allows for flexible usage periods. This means you can load as quickly, or as slowly as you want. UCan Store & Move delivers the container, and you fill it with your belongings. You then can store it at your home, at our facilities, or have it transported to your new residence. After you’ve unloaded the container, we’ll come and pick it up. Get a do-it-yourself moving quote now! Visit Site

Long Distance Moving Program Image

Flexible Move

This moving solution is ideal for moves over 700 miles. These moving containers are available in several different sizes, depending on the size of your move. The container will be placed at your residence and then you load it at your own pace. You can then store your items in it, or have it stored at one of our locations. When you are ready, our professional drivers will transport the container to your new residence and then collect the container when you are done unloading your personal belongings. Call us for a no obligation quote! Visit Site