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International and Cross Border Moving

First Ship Moving has expertly trained staff who specialize in international and cross border moving. Our experience helps to eliminate some of the challenges that are often associated with international and cross border moving.

International Moving Options

Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean freight shipping is the most efficient, economical, and most requested form of international shipping. This is because it is:

  • Flexible in the materials that can be shipped
  • Less costly than air freight shipping
  • Ideal for heavy loads and long distances

Air Freight Shipping

Air Freight Shipping is the fastest method of international shipping for small loads. Some benefits it has are:

  • Reliable arrival/departure times
  • Ability to send load almost anywhere
  • High level of security

Canada to U.S. Moving

First Ship Moving specializes in long distance moving within Canada and the U.S. Our experience in long distance moving allows us to move your belongings across the border without delay. We provide each client with:

  • All required documentation
  • Customs information
  • Restrictions on household goods/pets (3299 Customs form)
  • Information on vehicle entry (EPA form, HS7 form)
  • Names, telephone, fax numbers and addresses for various government agencies