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Library Moving Services

Planning a library move can be an intimidating task. At First Ship Moving, our experienced library moving planners and library movers help ease the burden and provide an efficient move. We have over 30 years of experience with public, private, university and many other types of libraries.

About Library Moving

Library collections are catalogued by serial number and if they become unorganized during a library move, it can be a long, time consuming, and expensive task to reorganize them. Some books are irreplaceable, so we ensure careful and special care with rare and delicate collections. First Ship Moving has equipment that is specifically developed in-house to ensure that your books stay in mint condition, and remain in the same order. We guarantee it. Call us to discuss, plan, and quote your library move.

Planning Your Library Move

Some library moves do not involve physical relocation. First Ship Moving also moves collections in libraries that are undergoing renovation or re-carpeting. No matter the type of move, First Ship Moving will provide you with a consultation from a library moving specialist to review the items being move, estimate the crew required, and assess the current layout. During this time the library moving specialist will determine the required steps based on:

  • Size of the library
  • Amount of books, journals and archives
  • Distance of the move
  • If Phase Planning is necessary
  • If storage is needed

We also offer library consulting services. During these consultations, a library moving specialist will suggest an array of ideas from shelving styles to layouts which our library movers can complete.

How We Do It

In order to keep your books in mint condition and in order during your library move we have developed two different systems:

Flagging System

This system involves flagging each section of books prior to moving them. We use our “flagging and tagging” system to guarantee that your collection will arrive in the same order it left the shelves. In the case that you are downsizing or upsizing, we will calculate the size of shelves that the books will be moved to. This way we can flag the order that the books were in on the shelves, and the order that they will go in on the new shelves. We then move them to the book carts, transport them to your new library, and unload them onto their correct shelves.

Book Carts

Our book carts are in-house made. This allows us to ensure that each cart is made with the same high level of quality that we have provided for over 30 years. Each cart is on wheels and can hold in excess of 800 pounds, allowing them to transport large sections of books together ensuring a quick and easy library move.

Downsizing or Expanding

If you are downsizing or expanding your current library, we can help. Our staff is in-house trained to calculate the size of the shelves, and determine the way that the books will fit on them. We can create growth space on each shelf so that your collection does not become damaged or fall out of order. We can also calculate the space that will be eliminated as periodicals grow to be out of date, and are removed.

Interfile Collections

Beyond different types of libraries, First Ship Moving also specializes in interfiling collections. We understand that when two libraries are merging together, the shelf space and organization can be time confusing and stressful. Our staff are expertly trained in this type of moving and can provide you with peace of mind that your collection will remain intact and in order.

Rare Collections

At First Ship Moving we understand that some collections contain books that are extremely rare and valuable. When moving such delicate collections we:

  • Provide our staff with acid free gloves
  • Line our book carts with acid free paper

In extreme cases where books are early editions, kept in glass displays, stored in pressurized rooms, or extremely valuable we request armored vehicles to transport them.