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Office Moving

When you plan on moving your office, our expertly trained staff at First Ship Moving can help ensure a seamless office move no matter your budget. Our trained consultants will assist you from the start of your move, to the end.


First Ship Moving has an organized set of stages that our well-trained office moving personnel adhere to. These stages are:

  1. Planning Stage
  2. Preparation/Disassembly Stage
  3. Moving Stage
  4. Reassembly Stage

By following these stages, we can assure that your office move is seamless and efficient.

What we Move

Our moving experts are qualified to provide you with the knowledge for any office move. Some of the office types we specialize in are:

  • Hospitals/Medical Buildings/Labs
  • Corporate offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools/Universities
  • Libraries


We offer several services to help keep your office move seamless and on track. Some of the services that First Ship Moving features are:

Storage Solutions

First Ship Moving offers storage solutions for your documents and furniture in our safe and secure storage solutions facilities. Some documents contain classified or sensitive information, so for your peace of mind we offer storage solution options that are monitored under a higher level of security.

Phase Planning

Office Moving is different from other types of moving because companies need to stay operational. First Ship Moving offers the option of phase planning for your office move. Phase planning involves different sets of movers, performing different aspects of the move at different times. This ensures that only one section of your company will be moved at one time, resulting in the rest of the office functioning in the old office, and the others working in the new office.